About the client

BLACKHATKEYS LLC is a Polish business-to-business-only international wholesaler of video games and items associated with online gaming, such as pre-paid subscriptions, virtual wallet gift cards, and currencies. Given the above profile, BHK maneuvers a vibrant and always fluctuating market. To compensate for its volatile and unstable nature, the company utilizes strong and proven business ethics stemming from almost two decades of experience among its members.

In their words:
„We are old-school honorable. We actually believe this.
We keep our promises, don’t give out excuses, and keep our operation as transparent, as possible. Plus, we work until it’s all done. Whatever the volume. When the sea becomes too violent, BLACKHATKEYS is a mainstay to be depended on.”


Logo design
Business card design
Letterhead design
Invoice design, template
E-mail template
E-commerce templates

Logo design

The logo portraying a minimalistic black hat in negative space satisfied the client’s expectations fully. Simple lines or lack of them connect with the digital/zeros and ones/binary nature of the gaming industry.



CMYK: 0/13/100/0
RGB: 255/215/0
WEB: #ffd700


CMYK: 0/0/0/100
RGB: 0/0/0
WEB: #000000

Brand guidelines, key visual

As an ambitious and progressive business firm style, they will surely need a unified identity in future expansion.

The brand book included the company profile, all details on colors, typography, and recommendations regarding the imagery/photography. Also, you can find their examples of stationery and business card designs. Bold company colors and clean instructions in a handy horizontal booklet format.

Assets for online auctions

Auction template and thumbnails with vivid yellow color and high contrast to stand out as one of the local market leaders.

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