Who is Piotr Krajewski ?

He is a multiskilled Graphic Designer specializing in branding, logo design, and graphic design. Piotr loves creating simple, memorable marks in negative-space/monoline, and typographic styles, creating clean visual identities, delivering printable assets of all kinds, and preparing various social media and e-commerce designs. He has been successfully freelancing for more than a decade. He delivered designs for MSI Poland, took care of the local established event agency’s graphic challenges, completed many visual works for private clients and small companies.

Five of his logo designs were published in LogoLounge Book 11 – The World’s Premier Logo Showcase. Got logo designs featured on Logopond.com. Designed visuals for more than 50 events.

In his free time

He loves going on long bike trips, freeride skiing, doing all kinds of sports, and spending time outdoors. He also enjoys trying and learning new things, spending some time outside of his comfort zone, laughing, making new friends, hanging out with old friends, having a cold bath in a frozen lake, cooking some Indian cuisine, taking care of small plantgang, and trying some DJ things.

Special project

For more than seven years he has been creating free and premium mockup resources for creative people. Feel encouraged to check out these links: Behance, Elements, official website(currently undergoing big update).

He designed at least one pixel for them

Looks like you will be in a good company